John May ~ The Common Sense Vote

“With the JUMP project moving forward and the ‘black hole’ effectively being removed in Boise, I propose continuing to turn the corner by choosing a fresh prospective by voting in John May for a seat on GBAD. John is an individual with 1) a long history of tourism experience and 2) involvement within the community, two critical qualifications this board is in dire need of to make effective tourism related decisions for the community as well as the Treasure Valley. John May is the only candidate that fits this profile, can effectively forge relationships and with his hotel experience, fully understands the long term positive benefits of doing so.

Without someone on the Board with actual tourism experience, decisions will be lacking this important insight. John brings a balance of effective communication skills and leadership to bring parties together with a focus of moving forward. Please vote to end stonewalling, ongoing expensive annual studies and verbal public thrashings from long time GBAD incumbents towards members of the general public & local business owners. Vote in common sense, experience and respectful conduct by selecting John May for GBAD on May 21. Review his qualifications at

Gail Hughes, President
A+ Computer Solutions, Inc.